Treasures of War









WW2 1940 Dated, Nazi Mauser Luger 9mm Parabellum Pistol

This is a great, original, WW2 Luger, 9mm parabellum pistol, the standard German Infantry Officers' 4 inch barrel, side arm. It is complete with it's original wood chequered grips which are in undamaged condition. It has clear waffenamt markings on the right side of it's frame '655' and has matching serial numbers (3662/62). The pistol is dated 1940 and bears the manufacturers' mark 42 which is the wartime German code for Mauser-Werke AG, Oberndorf on the Neckar. It is in nice original finish. The pistol cocks, strips and dry fires



WW2 German Nazi MP40 'Schmeisser' SubMachine Gun ( bnz 1942 )
An excellent combat used example of the often nicknamed ' Schmeisser ' MP40 sub machine gun. These guns were heavily Used by the German soldier throughout WW2, this one is a maker marked 'bnz' for the factory Steyr Daimler-Puch with year of manufacture 1942.
It has an original 32 round magazine which has some nice waffenamt marks, all of its bakelite furniture is complete & intact. Folding stock is in excellent working order with a good tight overall. There a few matching numbers on the gun, there are also some nice waffenamt markings WaA623 and the tigger has WaA37, the grip is stamped bnz. These guns really did some action and were heavily used, this has some wear to some surfaces of the bakelite & metal but is to be expected.

3 German S-Mine’s (SMi-35) aka "Bouncing Betty" 1944 + carrying rack & fuse box

3 very nice complete inert German "S" mines and carrying rack, which are all dated 1944 they retain about 60% of their original tan paint, they also come with an original fuse box. The mines are complete and have there transit caps and their fuses plus have there internal steel balls/metal.
The Germans developed one called the "S" mine or the Schrapnellmine 35 (SMi-35). The SMi 35 was buried with just its igniters protruding above ground or connected to trip wires, when buried in the ground, with a set of wires sticking up. When the wires were tripped, the mine exploded and shot up a charge about 4 feet into the air that exploded. The charge was not very large and contained approx. 350 small steel balls or metal that would inflict injuries to soldiers. Since it jumped up into the air, this allowed the secondary explosion to cause more damage, it would cover an area of nearly 200 yards.




WW2 Nazi marked Radom Pistol

Very nice WW2 Nazi marked Radom Pistol, Made under occupation in Poland



WW2 Nazi 27mm Flare / signal Pistol ayf 1942

1942 German Signal Pistol. A 27mm Flare or Signal Pistol made by
H Geipal GmbH Waffenfabrik, Erfurt (ERMA) Zeitenstrasse 54 plant produced in 1942. O
riginal grips, nice finish, cocks and dry fires. Lanyard ring and excellent maker marks and many Waffenamps





WW2 Nazi marked MG42 Machine Gun Mauser 1944 Hitler's "Buzzsaw"

The MG42 Mauser 1944, it shows the DF code and number 1772d, Its Nazi marked with several Waffenamt's. There is an eagle & swastika near an Austrian eagle & BH stamp for the Bundesheer, which this gun would have been used after WW2 and taken in to the Austrian Army, nice gun.





WW2 German Große Gewehrpanzergranate Large Rifle Tank Grenade Mod. 30

WW2 Große Gewehrpanzergranate Large Rifle Tank Grenade Mod. 30. Designed for use with the 30mm K98 rifle grenade launcher, the Schiessbecher, it would work using the hollow charge principle, whereby a shaped cavity at the front would strike an object first and concentrate the blast in the forward direction.

This example is complete with its front steel bursting charge section and its rear aluminium alloy case for the fuse. It has its original paint, and rifled Bakelite driving band, The Bakelite driving section can be unscrewed and detached from the body. A very good example.



WW2 Nazi marked MG34 Machine Gun 1943 DOT by Waffenwerke Brunn


WWII German 88mm Round - Shell as in anti-aircraft, Tiger Tanks, & artillery gun.

The shell case is dated 1941 with correct makers and ordnance markings. The "88" was used as an anti-tank, anti-aircraft guns & Tigers during WWII. It was originally designed as an anti-aircraft gun, but became most devastating when used against Allied tanks. This huge shell stands nearly a metre high( 93cm to be precise), and weighs over 10 kilos.

No Allied tank was safe from it. There are many recorded accounts of Allied tanks being struck by an 88 round, and it going straight through the tanks armour and out the other side.


WW2 German 1KG Incendiary Bomb Dated 1937

A superb example of the German 1kg incendiary bomb, it is totally untouched since it was dropped in
a raid during WW2 still has some of its dark green paint remains to the tail fins about 70% with silver finish remaining to lower fins & main body. All pins retaining pins remain to fin section. Various markings on the body & end section and dated 1937, the bottom section also un-screws.



WW2 Scarce German 3,7cm KZ40 U-Boat Flak 37 Ammunition dated 1942

This is a scarce German round 3,7cm KZ40 U-Boat Flak 37 maker marked and dated 1942, the round has an extra long brass shell case which were used on the u-boats. This round came from a box which had been stored for many years and the bases on all the shell have corroded.


By late 1943, the new and much more powerful 37mm Flak gun made its debut. This was a navalized version of the German army Flak 37 which was quickly adapted and installed on U-boats. Problems were encountered with the 37mm gun as well, as it was very sensitive to seawater and frequent stoppages meant that it had to be serviced regularly. Finally when this too proved inadequate to thwart air attacks, it was recognized that U-boats were unlikely to win combat engagements with aircraft, and the best defence was to spot an aircraft in time to crash dive to safety.



The 3.7 cm BK (Bordkanone 3.7 cm) anti-tank cannon from a Luftwaffe aircraft (Stuka) Junkers Ju 87G 1942

The 3.7 cm BK was the weapon installed in Hans-Ulrich Rudel Stuka (dive bomber) and he completed over 2,530 combat missions destroying more than 2000 targets, 800 plus vehicles, 519 tanks, 150 artillery pieces, a destroyer, two cruisers, and a Soviet battleship called the Marat,Hans-Ulrich Rudel was one of the most highly decorated personnel within the Wehrmacht.


The 3.7 cm BK (Bordkanone 3.7 cm) was a anti-tank cannon designed and produced by Rheinmetall-Borsig in 1941. The 3.7 cm BK was also known as the 3.7 cm Flak 18 when used by anti-aircraft batteries, this weapon was recoil loading automatic weapon with a sliding barrel and central locking mechanism, which was installed under the wings of fuselage of the aircraft as a self-contained pod with a six round magazine, The 3.7 cm BK could either fire tungsten hardcore ammunition or high explosive shells.



Deactivated WW2 Browning 1922 automatic Nazi stamped

Deactivated Browning 1922 automatic Nazi stamped example manufactured during the occupation of Belgium in WW2. Matching numbers example with wood grips and deactivated with a working action, can be stripped and dry fired. An Excellent WW2 Nazi stamped WaA 140 pistol with original finish, also Nazi stamped magazine.

German Mg 13 Dreyse Machine Gun Dated 1938, Magazine Box, Loading Tool & bandoleer

This is an excellent 1938 dated example and is rare in that it does not have a Portuguese crest. Manufactured by Simson & Suhl (later BSW), the only company at that period allowed to manufacture machine guns for the Germans after the Treaty of Versaille. It has many Waffenamt WaA4 stamps and the gun is in top condition, dry fires and fully field strips.

Comes complete with its original manufactured leather and fabric bandoleer with 4 spare 1938 dated magazines, a
magazine box containing eight magazines, all magazines are dated 1938 & waffenamt stamped also 1938 date to top of box & clear waffenamt marking. 
Comes with loading tool for the magazines in which the mouth of the magazine would be placed & rounds fed in.
The MG13 was an early war German weapon replaced by the MG34 & MG42 but subsequently issued to second line infantry units such as Luftwaffe Field Divisions & seeing action in Russia in Normandy .

A fine example.






WW2 Nazi Hi-Power Browning with tangent sight

A scarce well used all original Nazi Hi-Power Browning with adjustable rear tangent sight . WWII Fabrique Nationale Browning High Power 9mm made during Nazi occupation, These excellent weapons were favoured by SS troops. The Browning high power was used by both Allied and Axis forced during the second world war. It is still being produced by Browning today. A well used example with matching numbers.

 Nazi WaA140 stamped in several place's and original walnut chequered grips.





German WW2 2cm Flak38 magazines & container

Nice original Flak38 container & 2 magazines with 2 armoured piecing rounds, Nicely WAa marked on magazines and container, in original condition with some original paint.




Each of the four mounted guns had a separate magazine that held only 20 rounds. This meant that a maximum combined rate of fire of 1,400 rounds per minute was reduced practically to 800 rounds per minute for combat use – which would still require 10 magazine swaps per minute on each of the four guns. The guns could be fired in pairs (diagonally opposite) or simultaneously, in either semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The effective vertical range was 2200 meters. It was also used just as effectively against ground targets as it was against low-flying aircraft

German Early Brass 2cm Flak Rounds

2 Nice early Flak rounds dated 1937 & 1938 nicely WAa marked



1942 Dated Nazi Marked Steyr MP34

A good condition Steyr Solothurn MP34 1942 dated. Based on the MP18, the gun was manufactured by the Rheinmetall subsidiary company Steyr to avoid the restrictions of the Versailles treaty. Manufactured to the highest standards, it was used by the German army, police and SS units during the Second World War. The gun has WaA stamps and matching numbers.





WW2 German 1944 dated Walther P38

German ww2 1944 dated Walther P38 in good condition stamped with eagle and swastika also matching numbers 5" barrel calibre 9mm




Nazi marked CZ-27 pistol (Pistole modell 27)

A Nazi marked CZ-27 pistol, During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia it was manufactured for German armed forces and police as Pistole modell 27, acceptance proof stamped with Eagle “WaA76”, condition is fair with pitting.


Nazi marked Mauser HSc pistol

Mauser HSc pistol produced during WWII will bear the factory firing proof (Beschuss-stempel) of an Eagle over “N” stamped on the right trigger guard web, on the front of the right slide and on the barrel breech block, also the acceptance proof stamped on the left rear trigger Eagle “WaA135” for Army (Wehrmacht). found in a loft just over 10 years ago, some light pitting.



WW2 German K98 Bolt action rifle Steyr BNZ 4 for 1944

  Very nice German K98 with Nazi markings, dry fires with date code Steyr BNZ (4) for 1944 and a 1944 dated leather sling, really nice woodwork.


WW2 German 7.92mm Ammunition Fully matching box and Bullets 1939 Dated

Inert Full Box WW2 German 7.92mm Ammunition 1939 Dated Full 15 round WW2 German service issue box of 7.92mm s.S heavy ball ammunition. All matching head stamps and box details coded P442 (Zieh-und Stanzwerk GmbH) Brass cased, early war ammo in very good clean condition