Militaria Dealers etc, UK and Overseas some I have purchased from, I've had no problems with these dealers etc, so I will recommend them.

Ulric of England is an independent company, specialising in British and German Militaria, medals, military fine arts, collection conservation and military history publications. Founded in 1976 by historian Ulric Woodhams, today the Ulric of England name is an established, authoritative voice, synonymous throughout the world for the fine, the unique and the beautiful. Ulric of England offers over 20 specialist Militaria and medal collecting categories, with several departments, including Waterloo medals, German daggers and military watches, distinguished leaders within their field.

I have been collecting Military items since the 80's and i have seen a steady rise in the number of collector's since the Internets arrival'.. So i decided to open a website were buyers can buy Military items at Realistic Prices & have the peace of mind that your buying the real deal. Here At www.combat you will find a wide range of Combat used helmets From ww2 ground dug Helmets, Right up to Modern combat used Kevlar helmets from all over the world I have contacts worldwide and can source Most items just let me know

Armourer Magazine: Armourer the magazine with everything for the Militaria, Arms, Armour & Weapon enthusiast and collector. Regular articles on Ordnance, Bayonets, Medals, Insignia, Uniforms, Military Museums, Battlefields etc. There is also a unique photographic price guide to 
items on sale at Militaria fairs


I always aim to offer a changing stock of British Airborne items, Zeppelin and Airship memorabilia, Aeronautica and Flying Clothing. Also Kriegsmarine Binoculars, British and German Helmets and uniform items generally. Just a few of the mainly Combat orientated or Historically Significant pieces I will be offering from countries around the world.

Everything is guaranteed to be of pre 1946 manufacture unless I state otherwise and my promise to you is that I will never list an item I do not believe to be genuine.

hotline: +44 (0)7935 950118     email:

I specialise in Militaria from both World Wars, especially all things relating to Axis and Allied powers during and after the Normandy landings of WWII. I attend Militaria fairs throughout the UK and Europe, and with over 30 years of personal collecting experience I am confident the benefit of my knowledge is reflected in items I sell.

From time to time weapons and choice items of Militaria from other periods find their way into the shop, so it's always best to check as the site is updated regularly

Here You Will Find A Mix Of Original Militaria From All Major Conflicts , Victorian To Modern. WW1 And WW2 being my main interest both Allied And Axis

This website contains a selection of items including Uniforms, Headgear, Edge Weapons, Medals, Badges, Field Gear, Photos, Paperwork, Insignia, Deactivated Weapons and much more.

All items carry a 100% money back guarantee

RJ Militaria. We are collectors of some 20 years experience, specialise primarily in WW1 and WW2 Militaria. We sell German helmets, Allied helmets, legally deactivated rifles, deactivated pistols, deactivated machine guns, inert ammunition, German sniper scopes, optics and field equipment.

We are constantly looking to source new Militaria to buy, swap and sell. Not all of our stock is displayed on the web site, so if you are looking for something specific or have something to sell then please do contact us.


With over 30 year's hands on experience, my aim is to bring you the collector, established or novice, original pre 1945 construction German Militaria. With a price to suit everyone, you will find a mixture of readily available items, together with the more desirable items from that period.

You will find a good selection of Daggers, Helmets, Headgear, Medals, Combat Awards, Equipment, Badges, Documents, and much much more. Please take the time to browse through the items in my on-line shop, I am sure you will not be disappointed.


A collectors site specialising mainly in WW1 & WW2 militaria but also occasionally from earlier periods as it comes in.

All types of militaria from all nations will be offered here including Uniforms, Head-dress, Combat Equipment, Edged Weapons, Paperwork, Medals, Insignia & Personal Kit as well as other interesting military miscellaneous items to suit all tastes. Updating of the website is constantly ongoing so please keep checking back to see new additions. If you have a particular item you are looking for at the moment please do contact us so we can add you to our wants database.

As a pretty much lifelong collector I regularly travel to Europe & other parts of the world in the search for new Militaria & will aim to bring you good quality items that are 100% original with my honesty & discretion guaranteed. Total customer satisfaction is my goal so please rest assured that I will describe all items as accurately as possible & can always provide further pictures etc if required.



Ivy House, Utah Beach, Normandy

Ivy House, Utah Beach, Normandy: Offers Bed & Breakfast /Chambres d'hotes and self-catering gites. Ivy House is situated in the tranquil hamlet of La Madelaine, and is only a few minutes walk away from the picturesque and historical Utah Beach. Here, whilst enjoying the beauty of the landscape, the visitor will also find the D.Day Museum, Monuments, and other artefacts from 1944, as well as a Bar/Restaurant.  The hundred year old house - with its converted stables - which once stood in the midst of some desperate battles, now sits peacefully within extensive and attractive gardens, and is ideally placed for visiting many of Normandy's numerous and varied attractions. Accommodation is both luxurious and extremely comfortable.


For those who you never come across us before we had a store in the centre of London from 1979 until 2000, since the advent and growth of the Internet we have closed our retail store and now operate completely on-line. Over those years we have built a reputation for always having the highest quality of military for sale. All guaranteed to be original. On the rare occasion that a customer does not receive an item completely to his or her expectations we have a full refund policy, which of course is within our conditions of sale.

We specialise primarily in Third Reich items closely followed by Imperial German, British WWI and mid Victorian to 1900 British Colonial period artefacts, plus many other categories of military history from 1812 to 1945.


Deactivated guns

Arundel Militaria: Deactivated guns from world war 1 and 2. We specialise in pre-1995 (old spec) deactivated submachine guns. We are constantly searching for the best examples of historic weapons for the discerning collector. We have a loyal customer base amongst whom are living history groups, from both allied and axis forces, museums, serious WWI and WWII militaria collectors and even world war two veterans.


World War German Daggers I am able to share the knowledge of over 30 years as a professional collector. The quality edged weapons I sell are from my own extensive collection and are surplus to requirements. I have supplied to discerning collectors and dealers all over the world. I am always interested in items you may have for sale (for my own collection), as well as anything in particular you are looking for. Whether you are a fellow German militaria collector or have just inherited a strange sword or dagger and you wish me to help identify, value or discuss, just email me with a description or even better, a photograph.