Rare Silverware & Exotics


Large AH (Adolf Hitler) silver Formal pattern Knife & Fork


These fine formal AH pattern pieces or the period name “Fuhrer Design”, both being impressive, the knife measuring 10” in length, and Fork measuring 8.5” in length, with Greek Key pattern which runs around the border on both pieces, the front of the knife & Fork has a superbly detailed Eagle clutching a wreathed with raised swastika within a wreath, on either side of the wreath are the Führer’s monogram “AH”. On the reverse of the both pieces is the traditional hallmarks. They consist of a crescent, a Prussian crown, the silver content “800” and a Prussian eagle again with great detail.








A very fine pair



Very Nice Rare Pair of Assmann buttons Gold coloured from ‘higher-career’ official


 As intended for the various tunics of a WWII-era ‘higher career’ i.e. diplomatic official, maker marked 'A' Assmann

This is a very nice set comprising of two, 22mm.-sized golden-coloured (i.e. ‘Feuer- vergoldete’) tunic-buttons, as intended for the various tunics of a WWII-era ‘higher career’ i.e. diplomatic official (‘Reichsministerium des Auswärtigen Amtes’), In overall very nice condition. Both are  identical, buttons show the ‘Reicheagle’ with below a globe and are as above stated neatly maker-marked on the back by the ‘Assmann’ company. Both belonged to a ‘higher-career’ official (lower-ranks wore silver-plated buttons) and are actually very hard to encounter. Both pieces have stunning detail and still show polished high-lights.







Der Deutsche Hof small cream pitcher & a rare Original Glass Photographic Slide of Hitler outside his favourite hotel in Nürnberg

This small cream pitcher is only 2 ½-inches high, measures 3 ¼-inches from the handle to the spout and has a diameter of 1 ¾-inches. It is nice patina over the silver-plated surfaces. The base metal is probably nickel. The handle is the traditional rounded type and the spout is also the normal style. On the Centre area of one side is the name of the hotel, “Der Deutsche Hof”. Stamped into the lower bottom area is a mobile swastika with a surrounding wreath. A nice little pitcher from Hitler's favourite hotel.


The Deutsche Hof was Hitler's favourite hotel and was located in the centre of Nuremberg. The Führer always stayed there when he visited this medieval city and it became his headquarters during the Party rallies held each September. The hotel was so grateful for Hitler’s endorsement and consistent presence that it had various flatware and serving pieces produced with the NSDAP symbols and swastikas.





Above rare Original Glass Photographic Slide of Hitler outside his favourite hotel "The Deutsche Hof", there is a small crack to the glass at the corner, Kodak marked.





Silver Hitler Medal Coin & Silver Nazi German Mark coins


The medal (the largest one) It is a commemorative medal. The wording translates to "The one and only leader of the Germans" on the front and "The German Reich has risen" on the back. stamped 835 silver. The inscription on the side, reads "hauptmunzamt wien" which is the factory that where it was produced in Wien (Vienna), Austria.

The 2 & 5 mark coins are 90% silver, these coins are becoming scarce since most were melted down for the war effort.







On the Edge/Rim Of marks Coins Reads: "The Common Good Goes Before The Interest Of The Individual." in German).